Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Our First Year in Florida

Wow! I cant believe it but today marks the first year we have lived in Florida and that Nathan has been a part of a church staff. Thats right, a year ago today Nathan and his sister Jessica were pulling into our driveway with some sleeping gear and Bailey our dog packed up in our 2 cars. Meanwhile Jaxon and I boarded a plane and met them here later that afternoon. It feels like just yesterday. The picture I have up is one that we took the first night we got here-we commenced our move by going to see the sunset at the beach. So much has changed.

In a nutshell, this move has proved to be incredible. At first I didnt want to be here but God has definitly shown me that I can be used for Him so much here and for that I am grateful. Plus I get to stay tan all year round-Ive always liked that idea. Then there is Nathan...there is no end to how proud I am of him and how much he has accomplished within his first year here. Both in his new career and in his personal life, he has grown and impressed me so much. I highly respect this man. Jaxon of course has changed the most. He isnt as pudgy as in this picture and now he walks and babbles and of course continues to make us smile and cry with joy at our beautiful blessing of a baby boy. Florida has been good to us.

Here is to another year!! CHEERS!


Iz said...

I can't believe it's been a year! We still miss you guys here, but are so happy you've settled into "home". Come visit us soon!

Roxann said...

The pleasure has been all ours!

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