Saturday, July 29, 2006

A sign worth reading

Nathan and I always get a kick out of the millions of stupid, pointless and confusing bumper stickers, signs and billboards we come across in a given day. Today I saw a sign in a store window that made me say, "Yah! Thats right!" and throw my hands up in agreement. You may think its stupid like the rest, but for me it stuck, and isnt that what a sign is meant to do in the first place? Anyway, here is what it read:
Unknown fact:
Human beings are solar powered.
So get outside!
It stood in the window of an outdoors, earthy, adventurer store. Of course we went inside.
Do with it what you will.

1 comment:

Dawn Marie said...

Hey Bethany.
I saw one here that you might appreciate... I know I did!
"Clowns chase me in my sleep"
Of course, clowns scare me, so that's why I found it so funny/weird.

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