Wednesday, July 19, 2006

There's an order to things

I have found that I have an order to the way I do certain day-to-day things. For example, I take a shower in the exact same way every time. Here is the sequence:

1. Get in and rinse
2. Wash Face
3. Lather up
4. Shave
5. Shampoo
6. Condition
7. Squigee shower doors/walls
8. Exit
9. Wrap in towel
10. Comb through wet hair
11. Wrap hair in towel
12. Lotion up face
13. Clean ears with Qtip
14. Lotion up body
15. Get dressed
16. Unwrap towel from hair and comb through again
17. Blowdry hair
18. Flat iron hair (some days)

Its funny how we do those sorts of things. Anyway, I was just curious...what are some things that you do the same way every time? What is your sequence in the shower or getting yourself off to work or whatever? Please share yours in the comments section. I know you have them so dont be afraid.


MOM said...

I remember reading several years ago something about how our habitual behavior helps us function "without thinking". I put on my socks first - always the right foot, then the left - then I put on my shoes - left first, then right !! I always put my left leg into my pants first. If I "think" about it, I fall over or freeze up! Silly, I know, but our habitual processes let us keep thinking about other things while we are getting dressed or showering or whatever. A few days ago, I asked Bob some questions while he was in the shower and because of my interruption, he forgot to wash his hair! But then, we are losing our memories ... sigh I think we all brush our teeth starting on the same side or put on a shirt inserting the same arm first every time. Automatic pilot.

Iz said...

This seems kinda personal. ...

My shower sequence:
Wash rest of body
Shave (while conditioner soaks in)
Towel dry from top to bottom, too (of feet...I don't just stop at my bottom) :)
Then everything changes up from there depending on time left, hunger level, and if roommate is in the way and/or talking.

And THAT is more information than anyone really needed to know about me. ;) But you're right...if it gets thrown off, the whole day is out of whack.

Roxann said...

Here is one for you that when I tell people we do this they think it is strange..........Matt and I switch which side of the bed we are sleeping on.
In the beginning we did it to confuse the kids when they came in our room in the middle of the night...Just kidding! You roll towards each other more often!!!!

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