Sunday, July 16, 2006

We desperately need each other

I had coffee with a friend of mine this morning and it was refreshing to have time to talk, get intimate and deepen our knowing of each other. I love times like that. During our time together we both admitted to our tendency of maintaining a front of being in control and being content in life when its real and when it isnt. We expressed our desire to have friendships that meet purposefully to shatter that habit and not only allow us, but force us to be vulnerable with another person. Hopefully our coffee date will be a catalyst for us in our pursuit of those relationships.

Ironically as I was thinking about what to blog about I was reminded of a section in the book A Room Called Remember by Fredrick Buechner that states exactly what we were trying to articulate this morning.

"We are all such escape artists. We dont like to get too serious about things, especially about ourselves. When we are with other people we are apt to talk about almost anything under the sun except for what really matters to us, except for our own lives, except for what is going on inside our own skins. We hold each other at bay, keep our distance from each other even when God knows it is precisely each other that we desperately need."

Guess we arent the only ones who do this eh?

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