Wednesday, August 30, 2006

11 people and working hard

Hello everyone! Well it seems that some people are having trouble looking at this site so I hope the rest of you can pass along what Ive been saying on here. Well there are only 11 of us still in Kampala as the rest of the team has been on a safarii since Monday and will be back this evening. Our little mini team has managed to complete the building of the two homes, visited 2 completed/older Watoto villages and have gone to the equator. Today we are going to a babies home where abandoned children live until they are three and then are sent to a Watoto home. We met so many wonderful people yesterday who shared their tragic stories with us. One boy's name was Manuel who lost his parents to Aids and was homeless until Watoto picked him up at age 9 wandering the streets. He wants to be a soldier in the Ugandan army when he grows up b/c that is what his dad did. Another girl lost her parents and grandparents in the same week. I met Rose and Ida, both house mothers with 8 children under their care. The mothers always say to us, "Thank you for loving us," and it is truly humbling. How could we not love these beautiful people? It all gives me a whole new perspective on mothering- I dont think Ill complain as much after seeing what these women have been willing to do for the bigger picture to be accomplished.

Anyway, Nathan and I are edging our way back home slowly but surely- missing Jaxon more and more. We leave on Friday evening and somehow arrive Saturday afternoon. Its sad to think we are leaving but I know it wont be our last time coming here. Not sure if Ill get to blog again, but we'll see.

Thank you for your continuous comments of support. They are so refreshing. Also thanks to everyone who has been checking up on MamaJ and Jaxon as they have heard about tropical storm Ernesto coming through-its comforting to know we have so many people taking care of our family while we are away. Feeling the love all the way in Africa!! PEACE OUT!!

(PS its 10:30 in the morning here)


Mark Clark said...

Glad to see you are "making a difference"
I have lots to share when you return and get settled.
Stay Safe............ Be Safe....... be Healthy..........


Dawn Marie said...

Praying for your safe travel home. You will never be the same after this trip, I know. Can't wait to hear more about it.
Blessings upon you,

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