Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Condo

Well I am now in full fledged, home-owner mode. After closing on the condo yesterday I started making a lot of plans in my head for what we could do with the place. Im ready to paint, move stuff around and get it going! However this will be a slow process as we will have alot going on before we can get to all of it (my plans). But some of it will get done before we leave.

Anyway a few things that need to happen first is we need to sell our furniture. I wanted to keep our old stuff and Nathan wanted to keep the new stuff so we compromised and are selling both to go out and buy a set we both agree upon. SO... We have two sets on sale starting today... One being a light brown colored leather sofa with loveseat and chair with ottoman. The other set being an earthy green fabric sofa with loveseat and chair as well. We also have a rattan armoir from a Pier One furniture collection available. If anyone is interested in their purchase let me know!

We are planning to get some furniture for Jaxon's room so if you know of anyone who has a dresser they are trying to get rid of let me know about that too! Anyway, I will be making frequent visits to Home Depot, Lowes and Target the next few days.

I included a picture of our kitchen and a view from the living room looking into the dining room/kitchen/hallway. The rest of the house was too blank to take pictures of.
Enjoy... better yet, come by and visit soon!


Iz said...

CONGRATS! I guess this really means you guys aren't coming back to Nash-Vegas... (sigh) Wish we were all there to help you with the painting and moving.

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I am excited for you guys! I hope you enjoy your new stomping ground!

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