Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hey everyone. It just so happens that there is a computer in our guesthouse. It will still be rare that I can blog as I am sharing it with 27 other people. Our trip thus far has really only been about sight seeing and orientation to Uganda and the ministry of Watoto. It’s beautiful here-the people and the landscape. I have found it so difficult not to look at the conditions of the children and be saddened. I can imagine the mothers feeling so helpless that they cannot better the life of their kids. A single mom in the states has it a million times easier. People line the streets with their crafts, or vegetables/fruit hoping that someone will come along and make their work profitable. People really carry stuff on their heads too!

I am anxious to begin our work here. We attend church and an anniversary celebration tomorrow and Ive heard that will be eye opening/ energetic. The driving here is insane- Im glad I dont have to do it! We travel by a taxi bus driven by a local. Building begins Monday and we do that from 7 am until 5pm through Friday. We are building two homes in that time frame. They have been paid for by an organization set up for a girl and her friend who were killed in a car accident a few years ago and the family will be coming from Canada next week to participate. Our team is full of Canadians, Australians and some Americans. Great people!

Im missing Jaxon so if you see him, give him kisses from me. Off to dinner!

Love to you all.


Dawn Marie said...

Good, good, good! Been 'on my knees' for you daily. Keep blogging... Our church will be praying for you tomorrow.
Love to all of you.

Cherie <> said...

Good to hear it's going well. BLG kickoff went well tonight. I'm helping teach Sophomore girls now and I'm really excited about it! You guys will continue to be in my prayers.

roxann said...

Greetings to glad you are able to keep us along on the journey.....I will call today and check on Jaxon!!

joey said...

We're praying for you guys like crazy. Keep us updated as much as you can. I think its great you guys are able to go on this trip!
Congrats on the condo by the way!! It looks super nice in the pictures. I really hope we get a chance to see it in person some time soon!

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