Saturday, August 05, 2006


Its one of those nights. You creative folks will be able to identify with me on this one. It has become one of those nights where I have been inspired by the art of another to the point that I cant sleep until I create some art of my own.

Tonight I went to a coffee house thing we have at our church called Cafe 3000. I dont know who opened the show but I knew the second act pretty well as Nathan has been mentoring him for several months now. He is a rare breed here in Naples. He is musical- He can play the guitar, sing and write. I know you Nashvillians are saying, "so what!?" but until you leave the Music City bubble you will never understand what a phenomenon that town really is. Anyway, his set consisted of about 6 songs with a mini-late-night-show-like interview at the end. It was great! He is, as of now, undiscovered talent but keep your ears out for Alex Ruidiaz.

All that to say that afterward I came home and planted myself under the covers of my bed for some much needed shut eye. That was about 2 hours ago. I cant sleep. My mind has been reeling with ideas for some songs of my own and I even had to go to my CD case and listen to some random songs by some of my favorite artists that were stuck in my head for some strange reason. Now Im sitting at my computer writing, typing, blogging trying to get all this congestion out. Its in me too, I just have to put it out there and nights like tonight encourage me to do just that: put myself and my art out there!

So if you are an artist, no matter what format you use, DO IT! Create! It inspires other artists to do the same.

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