Friday, August 04, 2006


I was at COSTCO today picking up diapers when I stumbled across a table selling jewelry. Normally I would pass right by b/c I dont wear any jewelry other than the same earings I have worn for years and my wedding ring. But today something at the table caught my eye and it was beautiful. I had never seen jewelry like this before. It was kind of antique looking. I started perusing the bracelets and fell in love with a couple. They look magnificent on my wrist.

Anyway, Nathan was impressed that I was at the table at all let alone trying things on my arm. I asked the lady behind the table where I could find this stuff any other day, since this was a special appearance, and she said I could look online (but warned me the price would be more) or I could just check back at COSTCO as they will be touring the COSTCO's of Florida. So I wrote the website address on my hand and now I cant find it online. ARGH! Anyway, I know what I want for Christmas....if I can find it again that is.

If anyone comes across it again, let me know!! The table was labeled Jewelry at Your Door so Im assuming that was the company name, since it was also the website title. Be on the lookout!

ADENDUM: I went back to COSTCO and grabbed a flyer this time. The jewelry is available at But of course the stuff I liked isnt on there and the show at our COSTCO ends on the 13th of August. Sheesh-what is a girl to do??

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