Tuesday, August 15, 2006


How do I prepare myself for the trip Im about to take? Careful planning? Prayer? Flexibility? All of that, Im sure, and then some. This being the day before I leave for Africa, a trip I have only dreamed about the last 7 years, I am at a loss at where to start. Yes, I still have packing to do, gotta run to the grocery store and get the PB & J that I will be living off of for the next 3 weeks, and I still need to find a ride back from the Miami airport upon our return in September since I wont have any form of contact with anyone before then. Its all running around crazy in my head and I just cant get my feet moving in any direction.

Yet as I sit here I am struck with the fact that I have made little time to prepare spiritually. I will have plenty of time to do that on the plane but I would like to start before then, maybe because I can still be enjoying the comforts of my plush furniture instead of 2 ft x 4 ft airline seat with no leg room for 18 hours. Either way, I need to get there...to my knees, to my heart, to the Throne.

Several people on our international team are worried about the journey and have thought about not going at all. Please pray that all who are meant to be there will fight the struggle of the traveling and be there! My mom has been getting hit on all sides by crap for the last week. Please pray that she will find strength in knowing she posesses a power that Satan so despises that he has chosen to attack her with such incredible effort but that ultimately he will lose to God's divine purpose for her. Please pray for Jaxon as we leave him for the longest time period we have yet. Pray for his care-givers, my step dad Bob and Nathan's mom Jeanne.

So much to worry about that could so easily consume the joy that ought to be coming from this trip. I pray I wont let it be. A little more running around today and then its all out of my hands. (Yes of course I know its all of my hands anyway.) What I have packed by tomorrow will be what I will have to work worth once I leave my house, what I forgot will have to be lived without and what I remember will have to be utilized creatively. Its crunch time. Here we go...

PS I'll blog tomorrow before we leave but that will be my last entry until I return in September.


Dr. J. David Toler said...

How pleasurable to read your "blog".

So you are reading my friend Brennan Manning! What a wonderful man of God. The books that influence you are remarkable preparations for your trip to Africa. My prayers are with you that the Holy Spirit will anoint you for Father's purposes in your going. While traveling, get into the "secret place of the Most High" in the deep inner recesses of your own heart and WORSHIP Him there. Praise is what we do in response to what He has done for us. But WORSHIP is what we do is response to Whom He IS. Honor Him. Give Him GLORY, POWER, MAJESTY AND DOMINION in your personhood and living. The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ will rule your heart and through worship you will gain the confidence of His Presence in each thing you encounter while there.

Have a great trip. My prayers are with you. Visit my website at abbaquest.com.

And I would love to hear about your trip when you return. My son and I went to South Aftica several years ago training Zulu and Xhosia tribes teen-agers for mission work together. UNFORGETABLE!

God bless you.

Dave Toler

Anonymous said...

It may be just sheer coincedence but I have been corresponding with gentleman from California who is probably on your international team. He is also leaving tomorrow for Uganda on an "international" team. I just received an email from him and he informed me that he was taking gifts to the child my wife and I sponsor in Bbirra village.

God works in mysterious ways to bring people together sometime.

Once again, I wish you and your team the best.

Greg Smith

Anonymous said...

I love u bethany i am sop excited that u have a chance to see the world. It is unbelieveable over there. I will be praying for u often. Thanks for everything u do and my the time u get back my life will changed yet again. My brother is moving out and it is hard me. My life will not be the same without him in it. He lives next week. I dont have acell phone so i cant call u i dont know ur number. but i will get a hold of u and if ur parents need me have them call me. I am glad God has put u in my life this year something tells me things are going to get easier but i still need u. I thank God everyday for u and NAthan that u guys are in my life. Be safe I love u and will talk to u soon.

Cherie <> said...

I will be praying for you guys these next 2 weeks and especially tomorrow for safe travels! I hope you guys have a great experience over there and I know God will use you to reach those people! Can't wait to hear your stories when you get back! I'll be praying for Jaxon and your step-dad and Nathan's mom too! God bless!

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