Friday, August 25, 2006

Uganda continued

Back at the internet cafe. We finished up the houses pretty early and then decided to go back to the guesthouse, shower and head here. Most teams only build the 4 outer walls of the house but our team has been working both inside and out and have nearly completed two homes in 5 days time (two were 1/2 days-so really 4). Those of us who are not going on safarii will be making the finishing touches Monday-Wednesday while the rest of the team is gone. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to go white water rafting on the Nile River. Don't worry, mom isnt going but Nathan and I will be. I just found out yesterday that this will be Nathan's first rafting trip-way to start off! There are several level 5 rapids on this run so pray for safety. We've heard that there might be crocodiles and hippos to site but others have said that when they went before they didnt see any. Anyway, the coolest thing happend today. I was asked to share a scripture at the morning devotional at the building site so I chose Ephesians 4:1-15 because a friend had written it in a card she gave me before I left and it kept haunting me-therefore I knew it was echoing in mind for this very reason. Anyway, as I started reading it another guy, not on our team, stood up and started interpreting for me. It was the coolest moment. I felt like a preacher. I wish Nathan had grabbed the video camera but he was caught up in the moment too so it slipped his mind. Anyway, it was so neat. We sang some worship songs and another guy from our international team shared his testimony-which was incredible! Anyway, a very cool moment. We are truly enjoying this trip. The children, the people, our team, the country, everything has been so amazing! Sunday we get to see the Watoto Childrens choir perform so that will be cool too. Well I wish I could share all of the little tid bits but I have to save some for when we get back.

I tried talking to Jaxon last night but he just listenned while I said a random group of things. Apparently he said "mama" one time when the phone cut us off so he tried, but I missed it. Thank you Mama J for taking such wonderful care of him. Im sure he is having a blast with his Nana.

Well ta ta for now. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers and comments on here. Its strange to think we are half way through our trip. We leave a week from today-crazy. We love you guys.


Cherie <> said...

Glad you guys have been able to make great progress on those homes! I am continually praying for you that God will use you to reach those people. I will pray for safety for you guys tomorrow as well. Have fun!

Shelia said...

It is so exciting to read about all the amazing things God is doing through you guys. I know you have had such a deep love for people- especially children- always. I know you are sensitive to the plight of the disenfranchised. But, I also know that this trip is going to take you to levels of compassion...of advocacy...that you never dreamed of. I can hardly wait to hear the rest of your hear your reflections once you get home and have time to breathe deeply and let it all sink in. I am proud of you guys and the important work you are doing. Blessings, dear one, on the rest of your trip.

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