Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Hey everyone. Im in an internet cafe as it is much cheaper than using the computer at the guesthouse. We started building two homes yesterday and we are going at such a fast pace that they asked us to leave early today. We are only allowed to build 7 layers a day (we are using bricks and mortar) and we were getting those done so quickly that we got to go home early. The country is beautiful as are the people here. Everywhere we go, children run to the street and wave at us with all their might-like we are rockstars or something. The people here are all about eye contact. If you catch their eye they will smile and wave-its so kind. The houses and shops are merely shacks and people live off of what they can grow and use what they can make with the resources they have. If we stop anywhere for ice or anything the children will run to our bus and want to touch our hands and say hello. We typically give them lollipops or some sort of candy so that makes them get excited. The people know that we are here to do work of some kind and therefore they are so grateful and kind. The first thing they say to you is "Thank you" or "Waybalee" (sp?) in Lugandan. We represent hope to these people. I have learned a Lugandan praise song already that I adore. The other day at the work site there were many children hiding in the bushes while we were eating lunch so I approached them and gave them each pieces of my sandwich and crackers until all was taken. I saw another boy a little ways away and he held his hand out, I thought for food (which happens alot here-food or money children beggars are everywhere) but he said so boldly, " I dont want any food, I just want to meet you." I was humbled. So I went over and spent some time chatting with Julius- a wonderful boy. So many stories like that are yet to come but I am running out of my prepaid time so I will close.

I feel so blessed to be here. Thank you to all who prayed and/or contributed to make this dream happen for me.

Nathan says hello too!

Love to you all.
(PS its 5:05 pm here)


Dawn Marie said...

Great to hear from you, and glad it's going well. I hope you can sing it (the new praise song that you learned) at church when you return. Then I can see/hear it online!
Blessings. I know the Lord has you in his hands because I haven't been worried about you guys at all. Thanks for being you. Give your man a hug for me.

roxann said...

It was wonderful to log on and find your message today. The Lord is working with and through you. You have blessed so many lives and I am honored to know you!

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