Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Well we closed on a condo here in Naples this afternoon!! Its official, we are owners again. Its in the same neighborhood of where we are now but closer to the pool and the mailboxes. Same floor plan and everything with a few minor changes like carpet instead of tile and black/silver appliances. This means I will get to paint Jaxon's room and make a lot more holes in the walls than I can where we are renting. We will be doing some preparatory stuff to the place before we officially move in, which will be after we get back from Africa (early next month), so that will be an adeventure in and of itself. Wish me luck as I attempt to juggle my daily life with moving, painting, and getting ready for Africa over the next week. If you have some free time, come on over and help me paint! Pictures to come!!

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Cherie <> said...

Congratulations! Must be a great feeling for you guys :). That's awesome!

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