Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Well we're off

Off we go today to battle the security of several airports, angry people, traffic, and then some. But more importantly off we go today to make a difference, even if small, in a country needing a helping hand. As we serve the children left orphaned by the AIDS crisis in Africa, and as we see how God has been working all over this world, we are sure to be humbled and forever changed. Again, we will be gone from August 16 (today) thru September 2.

Today we drive to Miami to catch our flight to Washington D.C. From D.C. we fly for 17 hours to Adis Ababa (Ethiopia) where we will stay over night. Then the next morning we hop another flight and get into Kampala, Uganda by early afternoon. Its a 7 hour difference from Kampala to Naples, FL so calculate your own hour differences from there, if your interested to know.

I will try my best to blog as I know there are internet cafe's somewhere, I just dont know how often we will have the time or money to go to one of them. So please be praying, I can feel the support already. Thanks for all of the prayers, calls, emails etc last night-they got me focused really quickly...just what I needed. Im ready.... so we're off.

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