Monday, September 04, 2006

Another dream shared

Well I had to take my mom to the airport this morning. It was not fun or easy. I love being around her and to have experienced something so amazing with her (Africa), just makes us that much closer. As I was hugging her goodbye and telling her how thankful I am to have done this trip with her she said, "another dream shared." I was awestruck at the thought of how lucky I am to be her daughter. To share dreams with her is such a powerful gift. What memories I have of us being together, serving together, doing life together. Very cool. I was so proud of her during this trip. She worked so hard. She was the oldest person on the team but you wouldnt have been able to tell that b/c she held her own, thats for sure. She loved, served, prayed, cared for and cherished these people and this moment. What a great woman!

Then I was struck with the thought that I just experienced this dream with my husband as well. Our marriage is stronger b/c of this trip, we know each other better b/c of this trip, I love him more b/c of what I have seen in him on this trip. What a gift to have been given that I never realized until now. Ive always known he was amazing but God continues to teach me how truly loveable he is and how blessed I am to be married to him.

So this blog is my attempt at saying thank you to Nathan and my mom. Thank you for sharing this dream with me. Thank you for loving God in such a way that to take this journey and serve these people with me was an offering to Him. You two are amazing and I am so proud of you. I am a better person b/c of the love you have shared with me. I love you both!

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