Thursday, September 14, 2006

Change your world

Just in case there are some of you who still believe that 20-somethings arent doing anything with their lives and are lazy, here is a story about a friend of mine...

Terra Moore is 20 years old and from Canada. She has committed an undetermined amount of time to making a difference in Africa (Uganda mainly). Thanks to an open-ended airline ticket she is in no hurry to get home. She started her trip out on the same page I did-with Watoto Childrens Ministry. Her and the rest of our 29 teamates worked hard, played hard and loved much while we were there and together. But her trip didnt end after we all boarded our flights. In fact, it had just begun. Currently she is working alongside AIM for Restoration of Hope- Uganda. We recently got an email from her telling us about her latest adventures. Here is an excerpt:

"I have had an exciting week and then some. We went to an orphanage in a very isolated village. There were 45 children living there, the conditions were shocking and heart breaking. They lived in this teeny run down home. First off it just shocked me that there was 45 orphans in this isolated area. The children looked obviously, sick and malnourished. The home had no electricity or running water. So we went to see the water source that is the source for the whole village. It was filthy!!! The whole town drinks it because they have no choice. So it is a huge contributor to their poor health. While I was there, I held a little girl named Robina, she was so beautiful. I thought she was 1 maybe 2, then I found out she was 4. She had been there since she was a newborn, both of her parents had died. She didn’t talk, she just smiled while I held her. The conditions there completely broke my heart. The organization I am working with are going to add on to the home and dig a well. They were waiting for more funds so they could dig the well. "

Typically a person who experiences something like this just chalks the situation up as a story to be shared when they get back home but Terra couldnt leave things as they were. Here is the rest of her story...

"Since I had seen it, I felt I had to do something. So I am donating the money and we are going to start the well digging process tomorrow. I am ecstatic! It is amazing to think that by digging this well we will be able to change the lives of the whole village. I don’t think I even realize the hugeness of this. I am going to be in charge of the whole process to make sure the money goes exactly where it is supposed to. It is a huge blessing to me, to be able to oversee this. Thank you to everyone who donated and helped me raise money. It is going to do so much here."

Wow! I am so challenged, impressed and humbled by the way God is working through this young lady. Maybe you are too. So my question is, how are you changing your world? No excuses.

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Als said...

Hi Bethany
I have just read your blog after googling for Terra Moore. I have just visited the same orphanage and desperately need to get in contact to understand what work she has been involved in there. I would like to organise some professional help but need to understand the background.
I have emailed her today with an email that I believe is hers, but please could you let her know that I need to get in touch.
Thanks! Als

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