Friday, September 01, 2006


Well we have managed to get to the airport but our flight isnt until 6:30 pm Ugandan time and we got here at 12:15pm. There were a few people from our team with flights at 3:30 and 4:30 so we had to come with them. So we are just sitting around. Mom isnt feeling well so please pray for her as we travel. We are all really tired and know that these flights will be hard so pray for rest so we can come home with at least some energy. We are chomping at the bit to see JAXON!
The last few days have been slow but long as we have been in the bus a lot as we went to many places for short periods of time. The babies home was amazing/emotional. The stories of abandonment these beautiful children have experienced is so sad but you are so grateful there is a place like Sanyu Babies home to take them in. We will share more details about that later. The rest of the group returned and it was back to craziness. The three of us got use to the smaller more intimate group. I knew it was time to get home when people started to get irritating b/c we were tired and stuck in traffic most of the time. Yesterday we went and dedicated the homes we built, which was a blessing to be a part of. The family who donated the money to build and sponsor the children in the homes had plaques made in memory of Claire and her friend Robyn to have posted in the homes. We also had the opportunity to have lunch with a Watoto family- we had a group with all 8 being girls...of course they adored Nathan. They sang for us and we sang for them, enjoyed a Ugandan meal and then took alot of pictures. Last night we had an appreciation dinner for the team so that was nice. Today has been chaotic and way too long and Jaxon seems too far away at this point.

CANT WAIT TO HUG YOU BABY BOY! Daddy and I are on our way so save some smiles and kisses for us. ALL OUR LOVE.
To the rest of you...we're coming home! Make some room!

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roxann said...

I pray for your safe return.....and that authentic Italian meal is ready when you are.

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