Friday, September 15, 2006

How was Africa

this is a portion from the blog on Invisible Children ...

"Africa? How was Africa? Africa was amazing. Africa is amazing. Africa is a million and one things. It is a land of contradictions, and a land of great controversy. Africa is more diverse than any other place on the planet. It has experienced the greatest combination of foreign thievery and foreign goodwill. It is plagued with individuals who are hurting, dirty, and dying. It is plagued with rich leaders. It is strong, joyful and resilient. Africa is filled to the brim with song, dance and soccer. It fills your lungs with life with every burnt breath. It fills your eyes with tears with every sight. The sun blazes, the rain pours. It has more sky than your eyes could possibly take in. Africa is humbling. Africa rips the heart out of your chest and buries it in the rich red soil, knowing that you will someday return, to see the growth. And there is no doubt it will grow. Africa is dangerous, welcoming, and addictive. It is prosperous. It is poor. It is all too overwhelming. Africa knows the value of friendship. Time is not money in Africa. And money goes a long way. Africa holds a mirror up to your soul - letting you see all your selfish desires, and not letting go, until you're completely broken."


MOM said...

Africa DOES hold a mirror up to your soul - and asks you if you can live with what you see. It challenges you to be better and do more

Anonymous said...

God's work in Africa is an amazing thing. You travel thousands of miles in anticipation of helping the local Ugandan people...then once you return, you realize who was the true beneficiary of the human heart. I've said many times that the people at Watoto have given to me so much more then I could ever return.

Bethany (and Bethany's mom!), thank you for allowing me to follow your journey. I truly believe god gave you the writing skills to accurately convey his work in Africa.

God Bless,

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