Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Life without TV

I dont consider myself one that watches a lot of TV, like the majority of the human population. Thats why when Nathan suggested we sell both of the TV's we had (one from the old place and one that came with the new condo) it was easy to say "Okay." Of course his agenda is to take the money from the two TV's and buy a better one but the downtime in between has been nice for me. Yesterday both TV's were picked up and it has been silence in this house ever since. Im loving it!! Jaxon seems to be confused on why he cant watch a movie or cartoons but it helps me teach him that TV is not something we are dependent on for fun times. Also Nathan doesnt know what to do with himself so he comes into the bedroom and hangs out with me-wahoo! My plan is working!

All joking aside, there is so much value in not having a TV. I pray Jaxon wont be one of those kids that is glued everyday after school. Instead I hope he grows up like I did...outside, climbing trees, scraping his knees, having lemonade stands or whatever he can think of to be outdoors with his friends in an active way.

For now, I will just enjoy the silence...of life without TV.


Nathan G. said...

if anyone feels obligated to donate to the Gaddis New TV fund, just let me know! :-)

Cherie <> said...

Sorry Nathan, I'd contribute, but I have a wedding to pay for ;). lol...I know I'd probably spend more time reading my Bible if I got rid of the TV. Oh, and about the lemonade stand, if Jaxon does one just make sure he gets the proper permits...Yeah, I just said permits for a lemonade stand. Welcome to Collier County Florida! lol

Oh, and I have a song in mind for you guys for my wedding. We'll have to get together sometime to talk about it. Thanks again for agreeing to sing for us!

Orval Osborne said...

This is a deep subject. For the theoretical, read "Four arguments for the elimination of Television" by Jerry Mander.

Personally, Kandi and I decided to strictly limit the TV viewing of our children when they were young. So we didn't have broadcast TV. We just rented or bought video tapes. This worked well to reduce their TV viewing. When they got older, we relented, and now they watch a lot. But at least for the first 10+ years they didn't watch so much.

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