Monday, September 18, 2006

Pray for Jax

Today is the second day Jaxon has woken up kind of whiny and I walk in to find him covered in vomit (sorry to be gross). Its all over the bed, the walls, the floor, him....its everywhere. And it isnt fresh so he has been sleeping in it for awhile-YUCK!!
He hasnt been eating much and is sleeping more than usual but when he is awake, he is really whiny and only wants to be held and cuddled. So this afternoon I am going to take him to the doctor. I feel like this keeps happening to him...poor guy. Please pray that he will be feeling better soon and that the stench of vomit that dominates our new place will soon dissipate. PLEEASSEE!!!

1 comment:

Cherie <> said...

Aww, poor Jaxon! I will definitely pray for the little guy...and sanity for you and Nathan through this. lol...Hope he gets better soon!

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