Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Seasons of Change

I love the Fall. Especially in Tennessee. I was reading an email from a friend of mine the other day and she said, "The leaves are beginning to blush. Autumn is full of transitions." I miss seeing that and feeling that sense of change. She related the season to the motion of her life and how so much is in question right now, so much is changing. I use to do that. Then I started thinking about how Florida weather never really changes all that much. Its always hot. Its just hotter in the summers but the sun is always keeping us toasty and tan. So can I relate that constant warmth to my life right now? I certainly can! Sure daily schedules change every once in awhile but for the first time in my life, things are pretty predictable. Today is much like it was yesterday. And perhaps for the first time since we have moved here, thats ok. I like the warmth of my life right now. Im settling in to the daily routine and schedules. Sure I miss the adventure of transitions and changes, but this is my season. And the weather in Florida reflects that. So do I keep moving to places that resemble these stages of my life or does my life adapt to the weather of where I live? Who knows-maybe time will tell. But here is where I live and such is my life.

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