Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Spotlight on my team

Ok so I know you heard me mention that I had an incredible team to work with while in Africa but thats about all you know. I cant go into the nooks and crannies of my trip without highlighting these incredible people as well. So here is a rundown of each person on the team, as seen through my eyes of course.

(If you are reading this and are from the team, I hope you will see this as a big ol' thank you for being the incredible person you are! I love you all.)

In no specific order:

Nathan (USA): My husband and better half most definitly. For more info on him, read any previous post on this blog as he is one of my favorite subjects.

Donna/mom (USA): The best example anyone could have ever asked for in a mother and friend. Also see previous posts for more info on her.

Christa Lehna (Canada): Beautiful woman! I love the way she talks and she always looks great. Funny girl to go rafting on the Nile with. Needs to quite smoking though! Ha!

Mike Fraser JR (Canada): What a kick! Fit in perfectly. Such a delightful guy to be around with some wicked cool tatoos. Micheal Fraser SR: What a blessing to meet and get to know. Such a thankful man with incredible intentions for doing good in the world. Honoring his daughter Claire with the new steps he has taken in his life. Faye Fraser: Independant, strong woman. Beautiful in so many ways and a loving spirit. She also has some awesome tats!

Nicole Molenaar (Canada): Another beautiful girl that is fun to raft with. Most of all I loved going to church with her-she loves to worship. An amazing smile that lights up a room.

Laura Benson (Canada): This was our little sister of the team. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life so Africa was a stop along on her journey to self discovery. She was fun to watch while working with the Ugandans on the build site as she tried to learn as much of their language as she could. Another one who decked herself out-beautiful!

Christien Van Helsdingen (currently residing in Canada): This lady made me laugh. Her mannerisms were great! She was so full of love and joy for her sponsor child. It was fun to watch her light up at the site of him.

Mischael Ligget (USA): Her name is pronounced Michelle. A mom who is so involved with the youth at her church and stays available to kids, which I find so great. Traveled home with her, sort of-never really sat together just checked in with each other along the route. Great smile! Drew- her son. a surfer/skater guy from California with a laid back way about him. Slept the first few days he was there so it took awhile to meet him. HA!

Sam and Gemma Holbird (UK): Quite the characters. Always entertaining us with their songs, language and games. Stayed up late everynight and gifted us with a lot of laughter. Beautiful Gemma.

Troy Schieckoff (Canada): Our firefighter on the team. Always trying to take pictures of the butcher shops with their meat hanging in the open windows along the dusty streets. A great dad and husband. A loving man with both strength and compassion. Great to be around and talk with.

Ben Garden (New Zealand): Hilarious and admirable. He was teaching about rocks at a school in Africa for 9.5 weeks before we met up with him. Was in medical school but got bored. Saved our life a few times while rafting. One of our crew leaders.

Judith Atwood (Canada): The girl I dream of being. She posesses so much beauty, joy and strength its amazing. If life were to draw us to live closer to each other, I think she would be the most incredible friend to have and be around. Everyone adored this girl. She made all of us feel important and special. An unexpected gift from God to me on this trip. John Atwood: Judith's dad but so much more. He was such a trooper. We dragged him around everywhere, including rafting with a sore back. He was a great friend to my mom and a warm presence for us on the team.

Chad Lorenz (Canada): This guy was great! A blessing of servanthood from the very beginning. Always filling in wherever the needs were and always with a smile on his face. Smart with a playful personality.

Patrick Rickard (Canada): Leader of the building team I was on. A great guy with so much mystery and warmth beneath the tough outer surface. A man of few words but taught us that it wasnt the pictures we took that we would remember the longest, it was the people we talked to and poured into that really mattered. Gave us focus. Our always daring rafting friend too.

Don Winsor (Canada): Our global team leader and Watoto representative. His life is inspiring. He is a man faithful to God in every aspect of his life. I respect him so much and feel like a better person for having worked alongside him for 2 weeks.

Heidi and Eric Gulbrandsen (Canada): Brother and sister team. Heidi was our main contact for the trip b/c she works for Don/Watoto. Heidi has such a sweet spirit and is so helpful in keeping things organized and flowing. Fun to raft with. Beautiful! Eric was quiet and compassionate. A hard worker. Fun to observe. Loves his Ipod!

Terra Moore (Canada): God is using this young lady in so many ways. She stayed behind in Africa and will eventually be working with one of my favorite organizations Invisible Children before going home. Please pray for her. She is serving faithfully with the giftings of her life. She is such a fun chick, always bubbly and smiling. Can make you laugh so easily. Also, Chad's girlfriend. Gorgeous girl!

John Doughty (USA): I always referred to him as "skinny John." This guy has an incredible testimony that instantly empowers you in your purpose for Christ. His life has been spared many times for so many different reasons and he has been making an impact with each breath he has been given. Loves his sponsor child Charity with all his heart. Another trooper.

Desiree Stewart (New Zealand): Such a sweet spirited woman. Being around her was so refreshing and calming. She sincerely cares about who you are and makes you feel valuable through your conversations with her. A tender heart with healing in her hands. The nurse of our team. Beautiful!

Joanna Lee (Australia): (blonde Jo) Such a giving person. Very lady like and loving. Always taking care of people. The first person I met other than my family. Beautiful!

Luana Martin (Australia): Infectious laugh and bubbly personality. Truly joyful with an inkling for coffee. Please pray for her as she too stayed behind to continue serving in the babies home we visited. Beautiful!

Jo West (Australia): My massage buddy. We shared alot! An intellectual with a kind heart. Very well educated and equipped to make our world a better place. A true friend. Beautiful!

Natalie (Australia): Our psuedo-team mate! Joined us for one day of building and some meals. Works for Watoto but managed to put som stuff on hold to bless us with her presence. A true joy to be around with bundles of energy and a warm smile. An activist, making a difference. A nice addition to the group. Beautiful!


MOM said...

And Bethany Gaddis (USA):
A gorgeous young mom with a smile that lights up her eyes and warms my heart. Hardest worker I saw - lugging scaffolding, laying bricks, tossing bricks - all the while laughing and chatting it up with the locals and our team. Was frequently sighted journaling and writing in the living room area. Rafted in the Nile with a helmet too big for her and never lost her paddle. Sat in a "toy box" full of balls playing with orphans with very wet diapers and never flinched. Cried when she left the babies' home. Warm compassionate loving and caring. Beautiful!

Lucas Parry said...

Hey Bethany,

Sounds like you had an awesome trip! I enjoyed reading your posts. Looks like I'll be in Kampala/Uganda and Nairobi /Kenya in November on a mission trip.... doing some concerts and such.

Andrew said...

Sometimes when I get wrapped up in the events of the day I have to stop and remind myself -- "Life is about the people around you, stupid." I love the focus of your post. You are obviously a people person.

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