Saturday, September 09, 2006

Where do I start?

Everyone has been asking me for a detailed account of our trip to Africa. Unfortunately no one has the attention span or the emotional availability to truly take in what we experienced. Its hard to know where to start. None of it is more important than any other part. All of it matters. Im still trying to process what a life change Africa made in me - that makes it even more difficult to articulate. I plan on going back through my journal and reliving the days I spent there to better maintain contact with those memories. Only from that place can I really share what was on my heart in those moments. Until I have the time available to do that, I can only give tid the ones below:

How to say ___________ in Lugandan (not sure of spelling):
Thank You = Waybale
You're Welcome = Calle
More mortar please = Mesenya malada bambi
I like chicken = Jugular un coco
How was your night? = Azotia (This is what they would say instead of how are you.)
Fine/Good = Balunji

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