Tuesday, October 10, 2006

10 Dream Jobs

According to CareerBuilder.com here are the top 10 dream jobs:

Ice Cream Creator
Video Game Designer
Concert Promoter
Hollywood Wardrobe Stylist
Comic Book Guru
Doll Fashion Designer
Brew Master
Toy Creator
Casino Host
Vacation Tour Director

Read why by going HERE

I wonder why being a stay at home mom wasnt on there....maybe its too hard for the average paid worker eh?

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Kat said...

I found your blog as I was sifting through Shaun Groves' blog list.

I think stay at home mom isn't on there because you can't love it unless you do it. It looks hard and unglamorous from the outside, but from the inside it's hard and glorious. The little hugs and kisses, the sleeping babies, the colored pictures and the messes made while "helping".

I recently decided that parenthood is "insanity redeemed by love."

I hope you have a nice time on your vacation.

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