Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bobert turns 60

Today my step-dad Bob (AKA Bobert and Bobo) turns 60 years of age! I think this is such an amazing accomplishment. My dad, passed the landmark back in August so this has been a big year in birthdays for the male influencers of my life. Anyway, in tribute of this special day I thought I would tell the story...
On July 4, 1992 my mom and Bob got married. I wasnt happy about it at first but God has shown what a perfect plan He has for our life by making Bob such a tremendous asset to me. Although our relationship started out rocky, he never tried to become my dad but still managed to offer guidance and direction. He loved me even when I didnt listen. After Jr. High we moved from California to Colorado. Although it was a hard transition, it was a new start for me, which I desperately needed. I became a Christian while in High School at age 18. After that I saw my step-dad and his role in our family in a new way. I wasnt treating him fairly up until that point and God prompted me to change things between the two of us. So I asked for forgiveness and we started anew. Since then it has been amazing. He and I have such a special relationship that I wish every girl could have with a step-dad. He isnt pushy with his opinions but he does share them and I truly value what he thinks. He has been so supportive to me and my life path, even when he didnt understand it. Our relationship went to an all new height when my son was born. He couldnt wait to hold him at the hospital and I dont think either Jaxon or Bob have let go of each other's heart since. They are so great together. Caring for a baby was a new thing to my step-dad but he took on the challenge and has been an amazing help to me. I've even left them alone together a few times or for a few days-which is scary to most males, but he did awesome! Anyway, all that to say... This man is special to me. And today although I cant be with him in person, I am so grateful he has been around the last 60 years. I pray he'll stick it out another 60 because I need him in my life. Happy Birthday Bobert-I love you!

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