Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Commonly asked questions

Lately I have been getting a lot of the same questions from my blog readers since I havent really updated you on much on the stuff I blog about.

The first thing frequently asked is: What is Jaxon going to be for Halloween?
Answer: Chicken Little. I tried to make the Bam Bam outfit b/c all of the pre-made costumes were lame but I dont have time so if anyone needs some animal print or brown material for anything let me know. I also have a dog bone shaped cotton toy if you need one. We saw the costume for Chicken Little in the Disney Store and couldnt pass it up...its precious. Wait for the Halloween post to see pics of Jax in it!

The second question I get asked alot is: Did your mom and step-dad decide to move to FL?
Answer: Oh they have been trying to sell their house for about five months now and as of Sunday there were no takers. But on Monday they got an offer, took it and have to be out by Thanksgiving so it looks like THEY ARE COMING!!! WAHOOOOOO!

Sorry, I thought I would pause the cruise talk to make that announcement!

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MOM said...

Yes, we are nearly homeless and will soon be driving across country with dogs in tow. The reaction of Bob's boss to the news reaffirms why we are leaving. (Almost) everyone is happy for us and we feel we are heading towards a great new experience. Watch out what you wish for, Gaddis', you just might get it !!!

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