Monday, October 23, 2006


Well Im back and Im tan! Our trip was great! It so much fun to be silly, play alot and have tons of fun with Nathan without thought of our "adult" responsibilities for 7 days. The boat was beautiful on the outside and Vegas style on the inside. Lots of food at all hours which means a little Gaddis weight gaining took place. Somehow we managed to maintain our running schedule with some minor tweeking so that helped. Here is a rundown of what took place at each port/day:

The Cayman Islands- We took a short ferry to the port where we were bombarded with people lining up for their pre-assigned and paid shore excursions, taxi drivers vying for our attention, and basically people selling whatever they can get you to buy. We decided to start walking in the direction of the beach and soon found out we were committing to quite a trek as the closest beach was about 3 miles down the road. So we stopped at a gas station, bought some bottled water and kept walking-with the only breeze coming from the passing taxi's full of our fellow cruisers hitching a ride to the same place we were heading. It was hot. We finally made it to where the water was crystal clear which made Nathan comfortable enough to get in it with me. (If you didnt know, Nathan isnt a big fan of the ocean b/c when he was young he was stung by a jelly-fish-ouch!) So we frolicked, played and layed out. Then we walked all the way back to the port where we grabbed some lunch at a local resturant then boarded the ship again. Great day but we were tired from all the exercize-but we saved money!!

Cozumel- Here we got off the ship right onto a pier. Again we were overwhelmed by the taxi drivers and excursion booths but like before we just picked a direction and started walking. This time when we stopped to ask where the beach was we were shocked to learn that it was about 10 miles from the pier in the opposite direction of where we were heading. So we sucked it up, walked to the pier again and got a taxi. $12 to get there -he was asking for $15-sheesh! So we get to this cool beach called PARADISE with a resturant and bathrooms and little tents where you can get your hair braided or a henna tattoo or do some shopping. We settled into the beach chairs under an umbrella where we began to be hassled by a waitor that came by asking for our order every 10 minutes. We explained we werent hungry or thirsty which prompted him to tell is that the price of sitting in their beach chairs was making an order from their resturant. So we ordered a coconut water. The beach was rocky and the water was dirty so Nathan just watched as I swam around. Eventually we caught a taxi back, another $12, so that we could eat on the ship and save some moola. We spent the rest of the day on the ship laying out by the pool and relaxing.


Belize- To get to land we had to take a 15 minute boat ride into port. We followed our designated line to a bus where we boarded and drove through the city toward the rainforrest. The town was dirty and poor and there were no beaches in sight so we were thankful we had plans on this day. I almost felt as if I was on a missions trip instead of vacation it was so heartbreaking the conditions these people were living in. Finally we got there, got into gear and started hiking to our first zipline. Thats right, we went ziplining and repelling in the Belize rainforests-Amazing Race here we come! It was a blast. We did about 5 ziplines through the trees and two rope drops-it was awesome! Then back onto the bus and back to the boat just in time to depart.

Costa Maya- This port was perfect. It had shopping, pools, beaches, hammocks, resturants, everything all within a district at the end of the pier set up just for us cruisers. We layed out for a few hours with some swimming in between, went back to the ship for lunch, then back out to the pool for some more sun and time in the hammocks. Perfect.

There is so much more about the trip but this entry is so long already so Ill spread things out a little and share some more stuff on here tommorrow. Until then...

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becky said...

Weren't you tan BEFORE you left? I think I need to hit the tanning bed before Thanksgiving or I'm gonna be glowing next to you! Glad you're home!

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