Monday, October 30, 2006

Get in on the circle

There is a product that I truly love. Ive been promising my buddy Meredith for over a year now that I will get one started between us but have yet to follow through (maybe Christmas Mer.) Anyway, its a great idea and you dont have to buy the brand name in order for the purpose to find a home between you and your best friend or someone else close to you. It reinstates the art of letter writing but creatively keeps inventory of your thoughts and interactions in a journal format. The basic gist is that you write a letter to another person in a journal like book and then mail the other person the book. In the pages after your entry, they respond to your words and add some of their own. Then they mail the journal back to you, and so on and so on. There is no required time between entries or mailings so its up to you and your friend. I think this is a great way to go deeper than emails and casual phone calls allow us because there is something about writing that is much more intimate. Anyhoo, I would encourage you to try something like this with someone you are close to and see how much more you learn about them through doing it. The product name is Circle Journey and you can view their products here. Ive also seen their products for sale at Barnes and Noble or other large chain book stores. Or just buy a journal book thats more your style and some envelopes large enough to mail your book and get started. So give it a try.

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MOM said...

You have given me (yet again) inspiration. As I am leaving some dear friends, I decided to ask one of them if they would be willing to participate in this circle and she thought it would be rewarding. I suspect she will learn more about me from the journaling than she has from knowing me for nearly 9 years !!

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