Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More cruise stories

Cruise story #1: Nathan found a girlfriend the very first day. She worked on the house cleaning crew and she seductively asked him if he was alone on the trip, to which he responded, "no Im with my wife." The dissapointment showed on her face as she sadly said, "oh." The rest of the week Nathan tried to avoid her but she managed to catch him one of the last days and she commented that he wasnt around often, aka-she's been looking for him. I think the glimpse she caught of him in his underwear the first day when she burst in before he could get pants on b/c she didnt hear him saying , "Hang on!" was enough to spark her interest. Cant blame her!

Cruise story #2: We of course took advantage of the karaoke event on the boat and apparently were the only ones interested in the task b/c there were only like 12 people in the place the night we went. Nathan sang "You Raise Me Up" and "Iris" while I sang (the wrong version of) "Aint No Mountain High Enough" and "Breakaway." Due to our performances we were asked to take part in the end of the week show where cruisers portray famous singers. Nathan passed on the option but I took the bait and was cast as Aretha Franklin- probably b/c I look so much like her. So on Saturday night I took the stage in front of my fellow cruisers as Aretha singing RESPECT in a ridiculous dress and bob wig-imagine it! What a nut!

Cruise story #3: Apparently the week we were on the cruise it wasnt a very late-night activity bunch b/c we tried going to the piano bar to see the singing piano player and to the disco to dance but both were dead. The only place where we got to boogey was on the first night at a cocktail party to meet the captain. Everyone dressed formal and there was a swing band playing. I got Nathan onto the floor and begged him to fake it-since he claims to not like swing dancing b/c he doesnt know how. Yet we took over the floor and had a blast and anyone who bought the ship video will see how much attention we drew b/c we are all over that scene. Thanks Nathan for dancing swing with me-so fun!

Cruise story #4: There was this girl we saw that walked around like a porceline Barbie. By that I mean her arms and legs were stiff and she acted like if her body experienced any movement she would shatter. Her boyfriend was trying to be playful and pulled her into the pool with him and she flipped out. She was so mad and starting shoving him away anytime he tried to comfort her or say he was sorry. She angrily got out of the pool and sat on the side acting as if she were covered in sewage frantically wiping herself off and grossing out by the way her skin felt. Lets just say, after witnessing that, Nathan and I couldnt help but replay the scene with us as the actors several times throughout the trip-so funny.

Im sure there is a lot more Im leaving out so Ill have to consult with Nathan tonight and see what else I can add about our trip but that's enough for now.


Bethany said...

I love the karaoke story- I can totally picture you have any pics of your aretha franklin getup?

MOM said...

Where's the pic of Nathan's girlfriend???

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