Friday, October 27, 2006

Woe is me

The only complaint I have about the cruise I went on was the "woe is me" mentality pushed by the ship crew members and adopted by the cruisers. It was the whole idea that our life was so hard and we were so stressed and blah blah blah so we "deserved" to spend money on that drink or that excursion, or that "insert item here." If we ever asked how much something was the prompt response would be, "why does it matter? You're cruisin." Most people bought into it but thankfully, I caught on early and refused to think of myself as deserving of any of the special treatment I was getting. Scripture tells us not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought and I began to see why. People start to puff up with this false injustice to life and start to take matters into their own hands as to how to make life better for themselves. A $200 massage, a $15 drink in a monkey carved coconut cup while sitting by the pool, and a $160 per person excursion to see dolphins is surely the way to hapiness. I have no problem with people wanting to spend their money on such things, its simply the mentality of 'I have earned this' that eats away at me. Im no advocate to "despise of self" either but there has to be balance. It made me sick to see people living lives of true luxury feeling as if things couldnt get any worse. I guess what influenced my feelings on this topic the most was coming back from Africa just a few weeks prior. There I saw people living without so many of the resources we have with more contentment than any person on that cruise. I wanted to shout out "there are mothers in Africa that deserve this vacation more than I do." It gave me perspective. I truly appreciated the trip in a new way after that. I pray I never camp out in that "woe is me" mentality again. For it is by grace....a gift.


Anonymous said...

Bethany & Nathan,

The philisofical approach I had been using for some time N.O.W. "No Opportunity Wasted"

I understand your perspective, but you just never know when or if it will happen again. Prioities may and will shift in the future.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to this post in a major way and understand the new perspective that a trip to Uganda can instill in your soul. It's an old cliche' but until you've been there, it's difficult to understand the disparity in our world. Upon my return I found myself having guilty feelings but now realize that god must have a reason for putting me in my situation.

God bless,

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