Monday, November 27, 2006

Back to the grindstone

We are back in Naples and have hit the ground running. We came home from the airport, had lunch, watched last nights episode of Amazing Race, changed clothes, went to church for a Christmas program photo shoot while Jaxon napped, watched Wheel of Fortune, gave Jaxon a bath, ate dinner and now Im blogging. I still feel like crap as I have been run over by Jaxon's past illness, but thankfully he is getting better every minute. He was so glad to be home as opposed to on a plane or in a car and acted as if our house was an old playground he wanted to get reacquainted with. He found his smile today. It was great to be with family but its nice to be home, especially with our roomates for a few days, my mom and Bob. They move into their place on Wednesday-WAHOO! A new phase to our daily life...looking forward to it.

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Dustin & Los said...

You have been SpitBoxed ... again!

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