Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christmas goals

Its that time of year where Christmas and the responsibilities that go along with it are peering through my windows at night, waiting for me to take them by one. I need to get the decorations up, buy and mail the cards, buy and mail the gifts, wrap the gifts that are staying home with us, get stocking stuffers, find a comfortable place to sleep incoming family, get the church service planned, go to the parties, plan some parties, be in the pageant, etc etc etc. It all sounds so busy even before I get there.

When did Christmas become so busy, so bothersome and so exhausting? What happend to the days of looking ahead with anticipation and joy instead of anxiety and pressure? What happend to the whole "its all about Christ being born" thing? We have veered off from the fellowship with family and crazy moments caught on video toward a sigh of relief when its all over.

I hope I can maintain an attitude of purpose this Christmas. I want to stay aware of what this day is really all about and recapture some of those fond, child-like feelings that Christmas use to bring to my heart. I want Jaxon to grow up seeing the grace and beauty of Christmas, not the stress we have made it to be. I hope we all will. Give more but spend less, thats my goal.


DAD said...


It's called "parenting" It's good to read that you have fond memories of Christmas, when you were a child.
I have my own, but they are different.
We try to pass it on and savor those precious holidays.


Dustin & Los said...

You have been SpitBoxed ... again!

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