Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ear Candle

Today as we were wandering around the mall killing time until Jaxon's nap, we noticed a GNC store. Instantly Nathan recalled a conversation we have had several times with several different people about a product called the "Ear Candle." We had been told it really helps to clear out ear wax (apparently its getting in people's way). So we walked in and questioned the man at the counter. He pointed us in the right direction and Nathan excitedly bought two packages, one for each of us to try. This afternoon he took on the lab experiment and lit the long carrot looking beeswax tube thing and off he went, flaming for about 15 minutes per ear in the kitchen. It was quite a sight, sorry I don't have photos. Afterward we looked for the evidence amongst the remaining funnel. YUP! There its was, like a candle in the making, the wax from Nathan's ears in true form. The results were undeniable, he had ear wax and this thing took some of it out.

So if your ear wax has become a bother to you lately, may I recommend a new product (new to us anyway), called the Ear Candle.

PS I will try it another day, when I'm not so tired that I might burn my hair within the flames b/c my head keeps nodding off to the side.

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Iz said...

I have been a big proponant of the ear candle for a long time. It's so freaky what comes out of that thing! BUT, Mr. Ramsey informs me every time this topic comes up, that if you burn one by itself totally away from your ear, you will get the same results. Try it, and let us know. ;)

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