Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I am not going to blog about...

Sometimes I stare at this blank blog screen for hours, trying to think of something interesting or witty to type out. Then I start searching other blogs for tid-bits and noteable notes to steal, I mean borrow. Sometimes it works and something comes to mind or I copy cat. So since today Im having a blog-fart and nothing is making its way to this page I am going to copy cat from Spitbox by sharing with you all of the things I am not going to blog about:

- I am not going to blog about how I am still trying to lose at least 9 of the 15lbs I have left over from when Jaxon was born (March of 2005). For some reason the marathon training, pasta and cookie eating way just isnt working.

- I am not going to blog about how frustrating it is to have a son that has been consistantly inconsistant with his eating and nap schedule for the last 9 months.

- I am not going to blog about how I sleep with ear plugs and a blindfold to try and manage a full 8 hour sleep every once in awhile.

- I am certainly not going to blog about how my dog diarrhea'd all over the steps the other day and how I still get ill from the leftover smell I get a whiff of everytime I walk in the door.

- I dont want to blog about how we dont have any money and yet bills keep coming out of nowhere and birthday invitations keep popping up in our mailbox during this financial depression.

- I am not going to blog about how sad it makes me that my mom is giving away her cat in order to move down here and live near me.

- I think it would be boastful to blog about how excited I am to see my inlaws and Nathan's side of our family over Thanksgiving in KY. Yeast rolls, here I come!!

- And finally I am not going to blog about how much I wish I had cooler hair and a trampoline to jump on from time to time.

So there you have it.


roxann said...

Weather you blog about nothing world peace, your dog or Jaxon I for one truly enjoy your thoughts,ideas,and passions!
Thanks for sharing.

Iz said...

I'm so glad you're not going to blog about not having cooler hair, because that really is only because you don't live near ME anymore. :) Stop on your way to KY and we'll do something about it. :)

MOM said...

I appreciate your concern over our cat. It is very sad to leave him albeit in quite capable and loving hands. However, there is lots more going into this move -- packing boxes, cleaning out & giving away "stuff", saying goodbye to wonderful friends, a slightly frantic and slightly terrified husband --- Gosh, WHY again am I doing this? OH yeah, cause it is the right thing for us right now.... See ya soon!

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