Monday, November 06, 2006

Jesus per minute

"Jesus per minute (AKA JPM)" was a phrase used a lot back in the day when Nathan was in the Christian music industry (not sure if they still use it cuz' we arent in it anymore). Anyway, it was in reference to the amount of times a song would mention or refer to Jesus by name admist their melody. Some record labels, radio stations or artists had a particular quota you would have to fill in order for the song to be conisidered/used/played. I thought it was such a ridiculous idea because its based on the premise that Jesus must be mentioned "X" amount of times in a given time frame in order to display the relationship you had with Him. The more you said Jesus, the stronger/better the Christian you were.

I had forgotten about this music industry standard until the other day. I was sitting around the table with some ladies from church and this phrase came back to me. I felt like every one of us was making sure we said "Jesus did this" or "God's hand is on that" in effort to impress each other. Every one was trying to outdo the others with their spiritual piety. Final I was too tired of competing and had to drop out of the race but the rest kept going throughout the entire meal. I started to wonder, in a group of Christians like this, why it isnt ok to just assume a deep rooted trust in Christ? Why werent we able to talk about the moments of life that cause struggle without reassuring everyone that we still had faith that God was in control? Just because we are sharing our rough spots doesnt mean we are doubting God's plan. Yet it still felt necessary to emphasize our belief while diminishing our real feelings about the situation.

I realized that day that a lot of us Christians live by a Jesus per minute standard and that sometimes that creates a detachment or false identity from what is really going on inside our hearts. I want to stay aware of this tendency in myself and I hope you will do the same. Let's get real and let go of the JPM quotas we force on ourselves and others.


Jason Barton said...

Amen sister!!!

Nathan G. said...

Just to let you know if you didn't already, you were spitboxed on this blog!
love you.

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