Thursday, November 09, 2006

Movie Review

Ok so Nathan and I dont get out much so although many of you have probably seen this movie, I felt the need to share with you my two cents about it. On Tuesday night we got to see THE GUARDIAN with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. It was GREAT!! I loved it. Its a story about the coast guard on the surface but if you look deeper its really about sacrifice and "so others may live." There were so many great life challenges and character building opportunities if you were willing to pay attention. My favorite part was when this lady was talking to Kevin Costner about what a privilege it was to be getting older. She said all of her wrinkles were earned by smiling and laughing for so many years and her joints were soar because she ran and played and lived it up. It was a great speech she gave him. Anyway, if you havent already I suggest you see this movie. I truly enjoyed it and I think you will feel the same way.


Sandy B said...

I loved The Guardian, as I have loved all Kevin Costner movies. He has a special kind of talent and even the goodness in the man himself comes through on screen. My favorite part of the movie was the way it ended.
Think about it, Powers That Be. We were left with Ashton smiling cutely, feeling Kevin was down there somewhere, well and still doing what he loved best, helping people.
Ashton's character was not the type to let it end there. Would he not try to find his friend???
I'm ready for the sequel anytime. The sooner the better.
Love you Kevin.
Sandy B - Vancouver Island, BC

Bethany said...

This reminds me that Jordan and I do need to go see this. He had really like the preview for it when we saw it some time ago, and like you guys- we don't get out much, but it sounds like it would be well worth the trip. Hey- we'll see you next week. We'll be down in Naples M-F! Yay!

*The Blogstar said...

WOw. I think you guys are the first I've heard that liked it. Speaking of perspective.... :)

Right on.


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