Thursday, November 30, 2006

Overcommitted Isolation

"I'll never forget the times as a boy when I would hear a knock on the door and scurry to see who was there. The screen would crack open a few inches and a familiar voice would echo through the house, "Is anybody home?" Mom would rush to put on a pot of coffee and for the rest of the afternoon we'd sit and talk with our friends-about nothing and about everything. Finally, it came time for our friends to leave, and we'd hug them good-bye, encouraging everyone to come again sometime. Sadly, that kind of spontaneous camaraderie is difficult to achieve in today's fast-paced world. The pressures and busyness of life have all but destroyed the sense of community that was once common among families and friends. We seldom-if ever-drop in on friends unannounced. And even if we did, they would probably have to cancel a string of appointments in order to be with us. Thus, we go about our days, careening through life, glancing at our watches, and wondering why we don't have very many close friends."
- James Dobson

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Bethany said...

Reading this makes me cry. This is so true. I have to ask the Lord how I can continue to live my life in the culture I'm in (working full time and full time ministry) yet always keep an attitude of openness and living in open community.

Where is this quote from? Is it an article by Dobson, or a book? I'd love to read more....

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