Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Travel Day

Well today's travel was definitely interesting. It started at 5:15 am with Nathan and I tying up the loose ends of our packing and tidying up around the house (I hate coming home to a dirty place). Then our ride arrived at 5:45am where we promptly began playing TETRIS in the car trying to make all of our bags, a car seat, a pack N play and a stroller fit into one back seat. It always works b/c Nathan is a pro at that game. Then came the daunting task of waking Jaxon up and tearing him out of his warm bed and throwing him into a "cold" car outside the house before dawn. (I use quotes there b/c cold is relative... it was below 60 and to us, that is cold.) We endured some whining in between gulps of his morning milk (like coffee for our son-good transition item from sleeping to being awake.) We made it to the airport where we learned that the new policy for curb side check in is $2 per bag plus tip- and the guy made sure to make us aware that they live off tips-guilt trip. So we dropped $11 bucks before even making it into the terminal b/c we had 2 bags, a car seat, a stroller, a baby, and a pack N play and only 4 hands-- 2 were coddling the cold baby. So then we booked it to Starbucks for a 20 minute line wait and to drop another $10 on coffee, a muffin and some more milk. We walked proudly to the security check in where we remembered, no liquids were allowed. We had to toss our warm, tasty coffees and shook our heads at the fact we just wasted more money. Not to mention the muffin we bought for Jaxon that he was refusing to even touch-argh! Then came security (insert don don don-doom sounding music here) where anyone with kids knows is quite the ordeal. Everything has to be taken apart, broken down, shoes removed, placed in the grey tub, claimed and finally placed on the conveyer belt as you hold up the line of angry business people cursing you for ever having children at all when its totally obvious you cant handle the demands. We made it through security just in time to hear our name called, "Gaddis party of 2 final boarding call at gate 9A." We started to run, I guess we lost track of time. We were hurried onto a puddle jumper where we carried our crying child out into the "cold" and toward a loud engine blaring plane built for no more than 20 people, Im sure of it. We boarded and for 30 minutes endured trying to entertain a 19 month old in a 2 ft cubic play area without kicking the seat in front of us. We got off the mini-me plane, boarded a shuttle, arrived in Miami airport, comically labled MIA, and began our 4 hour layover until our next flight. We accidently took a tour of the entire airport while strolling to our concourse and gate, but hey, we had the time. Again we spent more money on milk, a bowl of fresh fruit and a coffee cake (both of which of course Jaxon didnt touch). Then I got hungry, Nathan ate all of the other items previously mentioned, so I got an egg and cheese sandwich. All in all I think we kept both airports we had visited, functioning for the day based on our purchases. I also had an epiphany in the bathroom while we were in Miami- I prefer not to see who has just gone to the bathroom in the stall Im about to walk into-it really alters my perception of going in there. Luckily as I was thinking that a nurse walked out of a stall and I was next in line and I was confident she had to be a clean "pee-er" cuz she is a nurse and has to stay away from germs all day. Then after the long, arduous, 4 hour layover was complete, we boarded the plane to Nashville. Jaxon crashed. He was sound asleep when a few aisles back a little girl started screaming over some crackers and scared him awake. He wept for quite a while trying to recover. Eventually he did and out he went yet again. He woke up one more time and reached for his daddy so I passed him off and there he slept some more. A few minutes later the back of my chair was getting kicked fervently and when I looked back Nathan was mouthing to me that he had to pee and it just couldnt wait. So I took Jaxon again and for the rest of the ride, he was zonked out. We landed, got our bags, managed a way to carry all of them out to the curb and jumped in Mama J's van and off to KY we drove. The story doesnt end here but Im sure you are getting a sense of the exhaustion I am feeling just by having to read all of this so I will let me, I mean you, rest. More tomorrow as the saga contuinues to unfold.

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roxann said...

Bethany, Bethany, Bethany.....this brought a big smile to my face. Many memories....try it with FOUR KIDS. Do I have stories to tell!!!
I will say that they are all just fond memories.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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