Friday, December 22, 2006


I know all of you postal affiliated workers are doing your best during this Christmas season while there is an influx of packages and cards being mailed all across the world but I have to complain. Yesterday I came home to find 2 boxes on my porch. As I opened the front door a noticed fluttered to the ground notifying me that there was yet another package that for some reason was not left on my porch, waiting for me at the post office and could be picked up after 10am the next day. I was bothered by this inconvenience because the post office is totally out of the way from anywhere I was planning to head today. Regardless, we eagerly went to the post office to get our other box. When we got home and opened the door, yet again we watched as a notice swiveled it's way to the pavement. We couldn't believe it. While we were at the post office getting the first box that they wouldn't leave on our porch like the rest, we missed the delivery of another. So tomorrow after 10 am we have to trek all the way out there again to get our other, and hopefully last, box. I don't see how three boxes from the same person, sent the same day in the same way can arrive three different ways and on different days.

That's enough to drive me crazy. I never said it took all that much.

Okay I'm done. Thanks for letting me vent. Merry Christmas!!

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MOM said...

Just think how lucky you are to be receiving such bounty ...
Merry Christmas, sweetie!

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