Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dont lose the wonder

I remember hearing a lady speak at a pastor's wives luncheon and her tag line was "Don't lose the wonder." She gave examples of this: for instance while in Switzerland her and her husband were on the deck playing in the snow while all of the locals just looked at them like they were silly. The Swiss she encountered were losing the wonder of snow falling because they were around it so much and lost sight of its beauty.

I was reminded of this compelling thought this morning while I was recovering from my run with water in hand. I started to dread Jaxon wanting to turn on and off all the light switches and open and close all the blinds over and over again all day. Thats what he does. I get so tired of holding him up there to do it for 20 minute periods just about every 10 minutes a day. It bores me. I distinctly remember my step dad commenting on it the other day while Jaxon was opening and closing their kitchen blinds (he can reach those for himself) as he asked, "doesnt that get a little boring after awhile?" Jaxon looked his way to acknowledge his comment but did nothing to respond as he turned back to his task. Truth is: it doesn't get boring to him. Most likely some day it will but for now, its a wonder to him how the blinds can shut out light or open up into the room with the pull of a string. He is in awe how dark it can be in one minute but after a flick of a switch the room will be lit up by a fixture on the ceiling or on a side table. He loves it.

Anyway, all that to say that I felt guilty this morning. Here I am trying to promote awe and wonder in my child and yet I'm practically robbing him of the simple joys in life because I have lost the wonder of it. I need to remember that when I am holding him up to turn on and off lights or when he is reaching over my shoulder to open up the blinds. I must not hinder his simple way of enjoying the things I have long since lost the wonder of. Besides, that is the main ingredient to being a child and also to being a child of faith. Hang on to your wonder of who God is and what He has done. Don't grow complacent to it just because you've been around it for so long.

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Bethany said...

Now THAT'S Good stuff!

Thanks Bethany :-)

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