Monday, December 11, 2006

In his timing

Since I have become a mom, I have been learning how to not maintain such a strict schedule. This task is difficult for me b/c I am a very timely and time conscious person. But if I make a tight fitted plan for how the day will go, Jaxon will be sure to change it and I will be left frustrated. For example, this morning I was suppose to meet someone at 8am. On the average day that wouldn't be a problem b/c Jax usually wakes up at 7:15 am on the days I get up with him. (It never fails, he sleeps in on the days Nathan is supposed to wake up with him). However here I am, blogging at 7:45 am and Jaxon is just now starting to shuffle around. That means I'm going to be late. It makes my skin crawl to think about it, but its just the way things are going to play out this morning. Besides, the world isn't going to fall off of it's axis b/c I am 10 minutes late. (I'm still learning that truth too). I use to try and conform Jaxon to my plans but I suffered too many consequences to keep that up. Only when it's necessary, like if we're catching a flight or something, will I wake him up early or push him to stay up longer than he feels like being awake. You could say I'm learning my lesson.

I wonder if I can apply anything that I'm learning from Jaxon and his timing that could apply to God and how different His timing is from mine...hmmm. God's timing is perfect.

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