Sunday, December 03, 2006

Inspirational flowers

For a few weeks now I have walked by the taped up sign by the mail boxes asking people in the neighborhood to volunteer their time on Sunday Dec 3 starting at 10am to plant some flowers in front of our subdivision. But today as Jaxon and I were taking a stroll I saw the fruits of that simple request. It was inspiring to see so many people coming together to beautify our little neck of the woods. I longed to pitch in but I knew Jaxon would make more of a mess of things than be helpful to these folks so I just walked by and said, "Thanks for what you are doing." I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't doing enough. It was as if I were the priest and all those people who passed by the injured Jew in the parable instead of the good Samaritan. I am called to be the what could I do? Finally it hit me. I threw Jaxon in the car and headed to the grocery store. There I bought three huge packages of water bottles and hurried back home in hopes to catch the majority of the group still working. When I got there, they were working hard and in FL its hot still. I secretly got out of my car and started placing the waters out by each group (3). One lady looked up and seemed relieved to see water coming so I said, "Since I cant help plant b/c I'm watching my son right now, I wanted to do something. I hope this helps." A few ladies smiled and said THANK YOU but most just kept working and that was ok with me. I wasn't doing it for the applause. My real motive was to connect with my neighbors.

That little sign that prompted a gathering of the faithful has led me to start thinking about why it is so much easier for non-believers to get people together for a flower planting session than it is for Christians to start a bible study. Now I've started to run wild with ideas of how I can connect with my neighbors through the art of planting flowers or something of the like and experience the conversations that go along with simply spending time together. Why wasn't it me that thought of that? Probably b/c I am so wrapped up in my own little Christian bubble that the sweetest parts of life in community (Christians and non Christians alike) are basically passing me by. The goal is the same...inject beauty into life. Sometimes we as Christians just complicate the goal by making the path to get there so conditional and confusing when all we have to do is be willing to plant something.


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You are amazing!

Skyler Goodman said...

Great Post! Thanks for sharing this, it was a great challenge for me.

P.S. I came across this site from Los Whittaker's, I am glad I did!

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