Thursday, December 07, 2006

Interesting Article

I came across this article and it caused a few red flags to pop up. I think it encourages a lot of discussion about whether or not churches are "emasculating" men. The Godmen conference refers to it as the "wuss-ification of America."

Click HERE to read the article, then post your thoughts in the comments- I plan to.


Bethany Gaddis said...

I think this sounds a little too extreme but I can see truth in some of the points raised (IE how churches are decorated- floral, froofy ect.) However it almost forces guys toward overpowerment instead of encouraging a healthy dose of strengthening. I'm not afraid of manly men, but I do fear a person of any sex to be encouraged to "think of themselves more highly than they ought." That attitude fosters poor behavior and deteriorates relationships. I can see both sides but based on this article, I'm a little worried.

Bethany said...

Yeah, I agree with a lot of what they're talking about in the article. For instance, we always talk about a man's "feminine" side. Man was not created feminine, in ANY way. "He created them MALE & FEMALE." Men exhibit the masculine side of God and females the feminine. BUT, I definitely don't understand the cussing, or whatever they kept talking about. It's a matter of man walking in the fighter, soldier, conquerer, leader God's created him to be, yet submissive, humble and always ready to serve.

But as my own dear husband always says, "I'd rather reign someone in than have to light a fire under his butt!"

Pat Callahan said...

I would agre with the general premis of the article - that men need to start acting like men.

However I fail to see that being able to say "bulls**t" makes me more of a man expressing my godly leadership.

I think that the conference is a step in the right direction for guys, however, I believe that, in the infancy of their existence, they are tending toward extremism. That is common in the beginnig of many movements - extreme in the beginning, a swing back the other way, then a sense of balance.

Anyway, I'm all for guys being the masculine, godly men God created them to be. I don't even mind when they cuss. But I don't know that making cussing a hallmark of this movement is such a wise (or biblical) idea.


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