Saturday, December 16, 2006

me and trees

The house has been decorated for weeks now but the central part of the decor was missing until yesterday. I know we're late getting a tree, and we certainly learned that the hard way Friday afternoon. We started at Home Depot only to find no trees were left, then Lowes, same deal. We drove to grocery stores...nada. Then we took a break for some lunch. On our way to go and check out the prices of buying a fake tree, I noticed a sign reading "Fresh Christmas Trees." I peered behind the Naples Italian American club and saw a bushel of trees just waiting to be picked through. As we drove up, they were marking their prices down-perfect! We picked the most Christmas smelling tree we could find and hurried home to enjoy it. After a lot of tree stand issues and finally going out to buy a whole new one, it was standing tall. We rushed through the decorating of it b/c we had to be at the show shortly but we manged to create what I consider a beautiful tree.

1/2 marathon training update:
This morning 12 miles
cloudy with misty rain
No painful moments, just pure exhaustion

Nathan has taken a break due to a knee injury-please pray for quick recovery as the race is in a few weeks.

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