Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Resolutions

Ok so it may be un-original but I still feel like posting some of my New Year's resolutions on here will make me more accountable to the commitment I am making. So do with these what you will:

1. Make dinner for my family more often (sit together and eat it too).
2. Start, and finish, Jaxon's first year scrapbook (I know he is almost two but hey, better late than never right!?)
3. Have date nights with Nathan.
4. Teach morals, and exemplify a Christ-like attitude to Jaxon. Encourage him toward spiritual privileges like praying.
5. Start my own photography business (on the side.)
6. Keep running.
7. Do a service project every month.
8. Call my sister more often.
9. Move past my resentment and jealousy of who I cannot be.
10. Give more, spend less, and live well.

Tonight we are having dinner with my mom and stepdad, then after Jaxon goes to bed (8:30pm) we will head over to a party with our friends from BLG (those hott chicks in the picture I posted last week and their hubby's) where we will laugh the night away into a new year. What are your plans and resolutions?


Anonymous said...

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Shan said...

hi, i found your blog thru los' blog.
i'd have to "ditto" a few of your resolutions...i definitely need to cook dinner more often, my husband and i need to have more date nights, i need to call my sister more often (since she's in texas & i'm in cali.), & i need to spending less $. good ones! ~S

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