Monday, December 18, 2006

Out of the box and made from scratch

Sometimes you have to do things out of your comfort zone for the sake of fellowship. You know, get out of that box a little. At least that is what I keep telling myself as I mentally prepare for the "Cookie Party" I'm going to tonight. I've never been to a cookie party, and in all honesty, I'm a little nervous about it. Maybe that is why I'm dragging my mom along with me...for security. I don't really know what we'll do there but based on the title I know it has something to do with cookies and since I like cookies, it might not be that bad. However, if its a "who can bake like Martha Stewart" contest, I will surely lose. Regardless, I plan to be there. I'm going because a girl I work closely with in the youth group invited me. I'm going because it will be an opportunity like I talked about when my neighbors were planting flowers-its a chance to build relationships with people I might not otherwise come in contact with. I'm going because I'm sure every cookie party needs someone to taste test the cookies and I am willing to make that sacrifice for my new friends. It's a tough job but someone has got to do it.
Happy Baking!


April Holm said...

I understand how you feel. The one great thing about the cookie party is you have your wonderful Mom to go with you. Enjoy every minute you have with her.

Cherie <> said...

Well, if it's anything like the "Cookie Party" I went to yesterday it'll just be some people getting together to fellowship while making and decorating Christmas cookies and maybe listening to Christmas music. It's fun, even for the non-baker ;).

Anonymous said...

You are sooo funny. I hate that I missed your first "cookie party" experience! -Mere

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