Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Today I cashed in my Mother's Day gift from Nathan and took the whole day off. I slept until 9am then got dressed, and started the day getting coffee with my mom. We (my mom and I) then journeyed to the outlet mall and spent many an hour there Christmas shopping. Its a new experience for me to actually shop for gifts since I usually just get them online and ship them out. After completing the outlet course, we headed to the mall to finish our task. We managed to finish mom's list and get about 80% through mine-not bad for a day's work. I will tie up my loose ends online. Anyway, I enjoyed being creative with gift getting and hanging out with my mom all day. I should make this an annual thing. Happy shopping!

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MOM said...

What a wonderful day it was for me! I am NOT a shopper but the day went too fast and I enjoyed every moment with my baby girl. Moving here makes sense sometimes!!! Thanks for letting me tag along.

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