Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Starbucks Christians

Last night was my "night off." That means I get to do whatever I want, without Jaxon. Sometimes that includes other friends and other times it doesn't. Anyway, I wound up at Starbucks, reading a book on a comfy purple chair. Over my shoulder I could hear all the orders being made from the coffee shop patrons. It was interesting to hear such variety in drink choices. There were a few favorites like frappaccino's and mochas but overall there was an abundance of options taken advantage of. But no matter what the people would order, the Starbucks employee would make it. There was no debate over their choice. The people say how they want it, some more specific than others (skinny, 1 squirt vanilla, no foam etc), and that is what they get.

I wish Christians were more like that. I wish we were more accepting of the diversity that knocks on the doors of churches. For some reason though, if the person is different than us, we question them-interrogate is more like it. Why are you this way? Why do you order the white chocolate mocha? You need to drink only the mocha frappaccino like the rest of us. But what is so wrong with variety? How boring the job of a Starbucks employee would be if they only made fraps all day with no variation. How boring our congregations/families are without individuals who challenge the cookie cutter image of Christian. There is little acceptance for the unique, the original. Yes some Christians look and act alike but not all, and that is GOOD!

Why cant we model the example set by the Starbucks employee (and Jesus of course) and treat those that are different than us, the same way we would those that are familiar to us? Diversity, variety, and a mosaic of personalities is what keeps life (coffee) interesting. Drink up!

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Cherie <> said...

Very true. I pray that I would be that kind of Christian! And speaking as a Starbucks employee, life would most definitely be boring if we made the same drink over and over and over :).

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