Tuesday, January 23, 2007

American Idol part 2

Ok so by now you may have watched American Idol... I know I have. There was a particular person on there that I would like to highlight. Her name: Melinda Doolittle. She was the adorable girl in the tan vest and hat that came in and blew the judges away with her amazing voice yet shy personality. Melinda is a friend of ours from college. We were informed a few weeks ago about her audition and told that she was pushed through to Hollywood by the "three" but we couldn't say anything until it aired. So now that it has, at least in our neck of the woods, we can name drop. Anyway, I've never voted for anyone on any of the previous seasons of American Idol but I think I will this year. Let me tell you this girl is awesome-not just in talent but in her heart for the Lord. Vote Melinda Doolittle!!

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