Saturday, January 20, 2007

Clustermap Envy

There are a lot of things I like about having one of these cluster map things attached to this blog site.
1. It shows me where my readers are from.
2. I am learning a lot of geography by looking up where in the world those red dots are located.
3. It keeps me motivated to write b/c apparently someone around the world just might find it interesting enough to read from time to time.

But there are some downfalls to having this map on here too and that is what my blog is about today. I have Cluster Map envy. I know, its stupid, but I do. Here is an example, why does Nathan have a red dot on Hawaii and I do not? I know the same people he knows out there but they aren't representin' for my site! So I'm jealous. I want a red dot on Hawaii. I mean, I generated income for that state by holding my wedding there. Why can't those Aloha loving people share the love by coming to my blog site just once and give me a red dot thing?

So that led me to an idea. Let's see how many red dots we can get on this thing. Email everyone you know, all over the world, and tell them to just type in my blog site address at least once and let's see how many red dots we can generate on the PERSPECTIVE Cluster Map. They don't have to like it or visit everyday, I just want to see how small our world can really become by pure suggestion to check out a site. What are you waiting for... let's get started...


Pat Callahan said...

I talked to my wife... we will take one for the team and go to Hawaii and read your blog.

We just wanna be servants...

Bethany Gaddis said...

Thanks Pat! Leave it to you to make such a sacrifice for someone else. However, I think we will have Hawaii by tomorrow, I emailed my peeps.

Jesse and Jessica Cupp said...

Hey Bethany,
Hopefully this will put a red dot on HI for you :) Jesse and I just moved out here last week from Spring Hill, TN. If you ever come back to HI, let us know!


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